Papers Past

An article from Pukekohe Waiuku Times Vol.,6 No   July, 1917
Sourced from Papers Past. National Library of NZ

The present month shows every indication of breaking the July record for wet, over 8 inches of rain
having fallen already, on 21 days up to the 23rd inst. The fall for the current year up to the 24th
inst. was 43.87 in. made up as the following:- January 1.32, (13 days), February 11.55 (16 days), 
March 3.18 (9 days), April 8.84 (17 days), May 7.40 (22 days), June 4.56 (14 days) and July to date
8.02.  This is slightly in excess of the Auckland average for the whole year. Last year the fall up
to the end of July was only 53.53, though the subsequent months made 1916 one of the wettest on

In consequence of the prolonged and frequent rain the district generally is a sea of mud and there
is little growth in spite of the mild temperature of the air. Working in the ground is impossible.

The attendance at the Karaka School (No 2) has increased so much lately that the building has had
to be enlarged.

In the paddock adjoining the school, on the Drury side, the Methodists have recently built a church

Rainfall this year was very similar this year to 1917 and we didn't have global warming then!!!

Metric conversion;
Jan 1.32in =33.52mm
Feb 11.55in=293.37mm
March 3.18in=80.77mm
April 7.84in= 199.13mm
May 7.40in=187.96mm
June 4.56in=115.8mm
July 8.02in=203.0mm 

rainfall for 6 months 1113 mm.